Tsurezure Children

English Title: Tedium Children

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

Episodes: 12




This article contains spoilers. The information that will be discussed are not that important so it’s not something you should really worry about. Anyway, do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled even just a little bit.

Young love is definitely soooooooo cute. Many problems arise from this kind of love. And if you have any problems with love that are related to these and you don’t know what to do, then this is the anime for you. Maybe you’ll actually learn something (or not because I’ve never been into any of these situations so I’m not really sure lol). Just do yourself a favor and don’t expect that the results will be as good as it is in this anime.


Do you want to:

  1.  Know if the person you like, seriously likes you back.
  2. Make a tsundere fall for you (a person who acts cold but is actually a softie).
  3. Confess to senpai.
  4. Know why your crush is asking you out even if you think he / she is too good for you.
  5. Know why your lover only treats you as his / her best friend.
  6. Kiss your lover but you’re too shy and awkward ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  7. Be closer to your crush.
  8. Know what to do if your crush is more manly / girly than you.
  9. Express your feelings to the person you like.
  10. Convey your feelings to your crush if you can’t help but act weird around them.
  11. Be together with your childhood friend.
  12. Lose weight for your crush.
  13. Confess properly to your dense crush.
  14. Approach your crush if he / she is so cold to you.
  15. Make a kuudere realize his / her feelings for you (a person who cannot properly convey or understand his / her feelings).
  16. Fix the confession that you messed up.
  17. Know what to do if you like sensei (yep, a teacher).
  18. Be positive even if you are being rejected over and over again (ouch lol).
  19. Make senpai to notice you.
  20. Know how to deal with your crush who probably doesn’t like you back.
  21. Just watch a romance anime even though you are not in love / no one loves you. T_T


I know it’s a pretty long list. You can’t find all of that in the anime so I suggest that you read the manga. Many characters in the manga were not introduced in the anime. I understand why because the anime is already kinda confusing as it is. Various couples are being shown every episode so before a relationship develops even further, another couple shows up. In the last episode of the anime, I was really confused because almost all of the characters that were introduced gathered. Every episode lasts for only 12 minutes for a total 4 couples. 


On the good side, it really showcases the problems that young people encounter nowadays when it comes to love, which makes the anime so relatable. Most of the characters also react in a way that people in real life would probably do if they were in the same situation. PROBABLY.


In conclusion to that, the anime adaptation is good, but the manga is better. After watching and reading it, it made me think again how great it feels to have a crush. I’ve never had one in a few years so I kinda missed the feeling, but I don’t think I’ll have one as of the moment. Maybe in a few years lololol. The anime is really funny so if you want to watch something worthy because you don’t have much time to sit in front of your screen, then Tsurezure Children is something that you must really try.


Favorite Couple: Yuki Minagawa and Jun Furuya (they’re so cute)

Tell me who’s your favorite couple in the comments section below.

7/10 This is so cute, you would not regret watching / reading this.





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