Boku no Hero Academia (BNHA) Season 1

English title: My Hero Academia

Genres: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power

Episodes: 13



This article contains spoilers. The information that will be discussed are not that important so it’s not something you should really worry about. Anyway, do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled even just a little bit.

At first, I thought Boku no Hero Academia was just one of those typical superhero/shounen anime wherein the super strong protagonist fights the evil forces along with his sidekicks friends. That’s not entirely wrong because the story of BNHA is actually like that. But, it is certainly not one of those typical anime. How can I say so? Well, because it is.


Here’s a quick synopsis:

The protagonist, Midoriya Izuku was one of those rare people who were born without a quirk (super power). On the other hand, Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya’s childhood friend (who’s not really his childhood friend because Bakugou bullies Midoriya), is a really strong guy, with good grades, and a really strong quirk. But despite Bakugou’s attitude, Midoriya still follows him around anywhere, calling him Kacchan, while Bakugou calls him Deku (no that’s not a cute nickname because that’s an insult). After all, Midoriya idolizes Bakugou. And for him, he’s still his friend.

Midoriya is quirkless, which means that it is impossible for him to defeat a strong villain. He knew that, and yet, he did not think twice and saved Bakugou. Because of that attitude, the number 1 hero, Midoriya’s greatest idol, All Might noticed him. And that’s why All Might chose him as his successor and why he’s not quirkless anymore.


For me, the best thing about this series is the character development. Midoriya is a really hardworking person, perhaps the most hardworking character in BNHA. He is extremely observant, he even has a notebook where he keeps his own observations about heroes and villains. Because of that, he’s also great at making strategies in order to win. He doesn’t know how to give up so he’s really reckless, he will even go as far as damaging his arms just to fight. He may seem good enough just as he is, but he’s actually not. His quirk is too strong for him. So in the first season, you will never see him fight without having arm injuries. But as the story goes on, you can definitely see him improving. In the next 2 seasons, you can see how much he has improved. The great thing about his improvement is that you can really see him struggle just to be better hero. All of the characters in BNHA have their weaknesses and shortcomings, which makes the anime even better. If they were invincible, I think it would be pretty boring (So far, Saitama from One Punch Man is invincible, but the anime is not boring. So I guess this does not apply to all anime). 


When Midoriya got accepted into U.A., the top hero academy, he met really awesome people and a really cool homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta (a.k.a. Eraserhead). BNHA is not just about fighting villains, it teaches many values to the viewers. Midoriya taught me many lessons but the most important one that I learned from him is that your efforts will never betray you. All Might taught me to always smile no matter what. Bakugou… I don’t think I’ve learned something good from him in the first season lol. But believe me, he’s a good guy and you’ll love him.

Here are some of the characters, the way I remember them, and their quirk:

Uraraka Ochako – The heroine lol (Quirk: Zero Gravity)

Iida Tenya – The President (Quirk: Engine)

Todoroki Shouto – Half half guy (Quirk: half-cold, half-hot)

Asui Tsuyu – A frog that I like (Quirk: Frog duh)

Kirishima Eijirou – Bakugou’s bae best friend (Quirk: Hardening)

Tokoyami Fumikage – Crow guy (Quirk: Dark shadow)

Aoyama Yuuga – Shiny guy (Quirk: Navel Laser)

Ashido Mina – Pink girl (Quirk: Acid)

Hagakure Tooru – Invisible girl (Quirk: Invisibility duh)

Jirou Kyouka – Earphones girl (Quirk: Earphone Jack duh)

Kaminari Denki – The idiot (Quirk: Electrification)

Kouda Kouji – The Rock (Quirk: Animal Voice)

Midoriya Inko – Midoriya Izuku’s mom (Quirk: Pull)

Mineta Minoru – The pervert (Quirk: Pop off)

Ojiro Mashirao – The guy with a tail (Quirk: Tail… duh)

Satou Rikidou – That guy with a large mouth (Quirk: Sugar Rush)

Hanta Sero – Tape Guy (Quirk: Tape. Duh)

Shigaraki Tomura – The bad guy with lots of hands (Quirk: Disintegration)

Shouji Mezou – The tall guy with extra body parts (Quirk: Replicant Arms)

Yaoyorozu Momo – The rich kid (Quirk: Creation)


Favorite Character in this season: Todoroki Shouto (he’s really cool and handsome) 

Tell me who’s your favorite character in season 1 in the comments section below.

10/10 I think you would really regret it if you would not watch this anime.


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