Asobi Asobase

English Title: Asobi Asobase: Workshop of Fun

Genres: Comedy, School

Episodes: 12




This article contains spoilers. The information that will be discussed are not that important so it’s not something you should really worry about. Anyway, do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled even just a little bit.

If you are in the mood for some pretty chill anime, with good looking characters doing cute stuff as they support their friends in their passions, then this is definitely NOT the anime that you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing Asobi Asobase. It’s just that if that’s what you are looking for in this anime, then you’ll be disappointed because it’s pretty much the exact opposite, maybe except for the good looking characters. However, if you are ready for some good laugh,you can search this up right after reading the review because I can guarantee that you’ll definitely laugh. Honestly, this is one of the most hilarious anime that I have watched recently.



The story started when Olivia, a foreigner by blood, but was raised in Japan, transferred in the class of Honda Hanako, a wealthy girl who wants to be popular, and Nomura Kasumi, an anti-social girl who’s really bad in English. They started spending time together since Hanako was given the task to guide Olivia since she’s a transfer student. Nomura spent time with them, thinking that Olivia will be able to teach her English, since she’s a foreigner after all. But despite Olivia’s looks, she does not know how to speak in English but she is extremely good in imitating the foreign accent whenever she speaks the Japanese language. They ended up forming the Pastimers Club, so that they would be able to do the things they want to.

Some people might find this funny, some might not. But for me, it really is. This anime is hilarious due to many reasons, but mainly because of the attitudes of the main characters.



Don’t be deceived by her looks, because there is nothing in her physical appearance that is similar to her attitude. First, given her blonde, wavy hair and light blue eyes, you can already say that she is a foreigner (this does not apply to all anime, but in Asobi Asobe, she looks really unique). It was even easy for her to trick everyone and making them believe that she was from America. But nuh uh uh… She can’t even speak in English (well, only the basic words). What made her disguise more convincing is that she speaks in broken Japanese while using a foreign accent, even though she can speak the language fluently. She might have thought that this was fun at first, but it eventually backfired so she had to suffer the consequences. Second, she looks girly, clean, and well-groomed. And yeah, she’s actually not, because apparently, she stinks. Lastly, seeing how kawaii she is, everyone in the anime thought that her onii-chan would look like a foreign prince. But given the nature of the anime, I already expected that her older brother would probably not be that charming. Whether I’m wrong or not, that’s for you to find out after watching the series. That contrast in her appearance and personality made her a really funny character.




Hanako probably got a lot of good traits. She’s kawaii, rich, athletic, and smart. Not to mention that she has an extremely attentive butler who happens to be there always without anyone noticing him. But the thing that Hanako really wants, is fame. She’s jealous of the pretty girls who joins the sports club just to get a date with the boys so she also joined the tennis club. Unfortunately, she did not get a date so she eventually stopped. She is also jealous of Nomura’s bust, but then it has something to do with genetics so she cannot really do anything about that. As for me, Hanako is the funniest out of the three main characters. Not only because she makes a lot trouble, but also because of her crazy shrieks.



tenor (1).gif

Kasumi looks just like a character who will never be lost in every slice of life anime. She has short hair, big bust,  wears glasses, does not talk much, shy, and pretty smart. A typical nerd, right? But nah, she’s not. She’s not as gentle as she looks. In fact, out of the three, she’s the scariest one. She does not play games, not because she is very serious in her studies, but because she hates the penalties. And it so happens that Olivia thinks of really sick penalties. She may be smart, but she always fails in English. She might be hardworking, but her hard work is obviously not enough. She would even go as far as sticking with Olivia and Hanako to play games and form a club with them even though she hates it just to get a higher grade. She’s just a bit unlucky that Olivia cannot really offer her anything good.


This anime really made me laugh… a lot. It may not have such a great plot and the scenes are exaggerated, but because of those unrealistic parts, the anime became really funny. It may just be another comedy anime situated in a school, but it is unique in its own way. What made this funnier is the change of the animation whenever the characters express their emotions. Aside from the three, all the characters are interesting and funny in their own way. Also, the opening song is really good. You should definitely listen to it.



Favorite Character:

Honda Hanako (She may be insecure, but she cares about her friends)

Tell me who’s your favorite character in the comments section below.

8/10 The anime is really funny but almost all of the characters have attitude problems lol. I know that it made the anime funnier, but there are dirty jokes and foul language that are definitely not meant for kids. There are no 18+ scenes but you wouldn’t really want the youngsters to watch this.




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