I believe that a person without a hobby cannot be entirely happy. There will always be a part of themselves that they will keep searching for. No, having a hobby is not an excuse to stray away from your goals. It is merely your way to temporarily rest from all the stress you are going through. As you might have hypothesized, I have lots of hobbies. Yet, I am still a goal-driven person (maybe lol).

So yeah, I’m Micholle P. Cortezano, just a high school girl from Philippines. I really have a lot of hobbies that some may say that I’m just wasting my life (they might be right lol). I watch anime, cartoons, YouTube videos, movies, TV series, K-dramas, Korean Variety Shows, and Chinese Variety Shows. I am a fan of K-pop, Marvel, some Chinese Idols, and so much more that I wouldn’t honestly be able to enumerate them all. I also read manga, webtoons, and novels. Don’t even get me started with the title of the works that I have read because I have seriously read a lot. I also play games and do other things that I find interesting.

In case you are wondering how I am able to do all of this and still go to school, well I don’t know either. I’m pretty sure I suck at managing my time but at least, I can still manage to get an above average scores and grades. Not that I want to brag about it hehe. Anyway, I have been sacrificing my sleep for all my hobbies but you don’t need to be concerned about my well being. I am saying this mainly because I know you don’t care anyway lol.

So about my blog, I assume you are an otaku too? If not, then what are you even doing here? Lol, just kidding this blog is not just for anime fans but also for those who are just about to become a fan and for those who just wants to watch anime. Enjoy!



Featured Image: Umaru Douma from Himouto! Umaru-chan


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